The true power of forgiveness

Our practice of forgiveness is a release for others and for also for us.

If you, O Lord, were to keep track of sins, O Lord, who could stand before you? But you are willing to forgive, so that you might be honored.

Psalm 130:3-4

Forgiveness is powerful.

God’s forgiveness has the ability to turn unrighteous indignation into praise and honor. It can break down the hard shell of resistant non-compliance into willing service. It can unshackle chains of fear and lack of self-worth when recognized by a penitent heart.

While the Psalmist brings this question before Yahweh, how similar its truth rings when applied to our own lives. If we do nothing but keep track of everyone’s sins against us, who can possibly stand before us? We will see nothing but hatred and disgust for those who have offended us in some way or not lived up to our own standards for them. In this mindset, we become critical, demanding and non-caring of the needs of others. We are blinded by our own unforgiveness of others.

However, when we are willing to forgive, we are viewed differently by others. Instead of fear or hatred there is honor as recognition of this forgiveness becomes known. Those who are willing to receive forgiveness understand they don’t deserve it, and that the one who is forgiving is granting them a relational privilege. This can build a sense of respect and honor. Where once there was hatred and fear there is now trust and security.

For those who do not receive forgiveness, they may scoff and turn away, only to spurn the privilege that has been offered to them. However, regardless of emotional reactions of others beyond our control, when we forgive we also release ourselves from the judgment and typically unfair criticism that can result from keeping track of the sins of others against us. They are free to choose their own path, and we are free to live in the harmony and reconciliation we have created in our own world.

Forgiveness is powerful.

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