7 Principles

There are seven primary principles contained within the Sermon on the Mount. These can be further clarified by adding the supporting verses with references taken from the context of this central teaching of Yeshua.

The majority of this passage is referenced in chapters 5-7 of the book of Matthew. The few supporting texts in the parallel passage of Luke 6 are designated in parentheses.


6:33 First and foremost, your desires should be directed to the Kingdom of God, and doing the right thing according to his standards, and your needs will be provided for. 7: 21 Entering into the Kingdom of heaven is possible only by consistently doing the will of my Father in heaven, not by merely claiming to be my disciple. 5:19 Do not relax even the smallest standards of Torah for yourself and others; do it and teach it. 5:3 Have an empty spirit, ready to receive and obey the slightest instruction, and you will be blessed as the kingdom of heaven is yours.


5:20 Demonstrate virtue and purity that exceeds those who are merely following external commands. 5: 33-37 Be a person of your word, not requiring any oath to substantiate your actions. Simply say yes or no, and do what you say. 5: 6 Crave that which God approves; thirst for doing the right thing, and you will be blessed as you are satisfied. 7: 5 Don’t be hypocritical. 5:14-16 Be shining: let your good practices be seen by all. Magnify God. 5: 5 Conduct yourself with mildness and gentleness, and you will be blessed as an inheritor of the whole world. 5: 10 Endure harmful pursuit for doing what’s right, and you will be blessed, having possession of the Kingdom of God.


5:29-30 All stumbling-blocks to righteousness must be removed from your life with extreme diligence. 7: 13-14 There is a constricted entryway into life which has many obstacles standing about it. Labor fervently to stay on the difficult path that leads through the cramped passage to life along with the few others who also perceive its value and find it. 7: 7-8 Always keep asking, knocking, and seeking in order to receive, have doors opened to you, and to find what you’re searching for. 7: 6 Don’t share something sacred or spiritually pure with those who are not receptive. 7:15-16 Beware of deceitful religious impostors. 7:20 You will recognize them for what they truly are by looking closely at the results of their words and actions.


5:8 Have a pure and blameless heart at all times, and you will be blessed, seeing God. 6: 6,8-9 Make every effort to pray in a private place, simply and sincerely. 6: 17-18 When you fast, take measures to be certain it is not obvious to others. 5: 31-32 Never forsake your commitment to your spouse. 5: 27-28 Do not even think about others lustfully in your heart. 5:4 Grieve for unrighteousness, and you will be blessed, as God will be near to comfort you. 6: 22-23 The lamp of the body is its gaze; with clear vision, your whole being will shine brightly.


6:34 Do not be anxious about what hasn’t happened yet; let the future carry its own anxieties. 6: 25 Do not be anxious about your necessary subsistence like food, drink and clothing. Isn’t your life about more than these? 6: 19-21 Do not amass earthly wealth which is constantly subject to loss. Instead, amass heavenly wealth, for it will always be perfectly safe. Which type of wealth you are pursuing reveals your true heart motivation. 6: 24 You cannot be bound equally both to God and to your confidence in wealth. 6:26-29; 32 Your life is more valuable to God than all the beauty and provision represented in his Creation; he knows all of your needs.


5: 9 Make peace; do peace, and you will be blessed, being recognized as a child of God. 5:23-26 Reconciliation with all others must take place prior to worshiping God or seeking his forgiveness. This includes adversaries and anyone you know to be holding something against you. 6: 14-16 Forgive, and you shall be forgiven. 5: 21-22 Do not call someone a fool or an idiot or be unrighteously angry with anyone. (Luke 6:45) Remember, the words we speak always come from the overflow of the heart. 7:1-2 Do not hypocritically judge others. 5:43-45 Follow the example of your Father in heaven by loving your enemies; speak well of them, help them, and pray for their needs. 5:38-41 Never retaliate; instead, offer to go above and beyond for those oppressing you.


5: 7 Extend mercy and compassion to others and you will be blessed, receiving mercy in return. 6:3-4 Be privately and sincerely compassionate toward those in need. 5: 13 Be as distinctive and useful as salt while on this earth. 5: 42 Give and loan freely to whoever asks of you, expecting nothing back from them (Luke 6:35). 7: 12 Certainly, anything that you wish others would do for you, do in the same manner for them, for this summarizes God’s teachings regarding others.

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