The Core of the Bible

The simplicity of the Bible message can be distilled from the Ten Commandments and the seven principles presented here. These seven principles are based on what has become known as the “Sermon on the Mount,” summarizing the teaching of Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus) regarding human conduct.

    • First and foremost, your desires should be directed to the Kingdom of God, and doing the right thing according to his standards, and your needs will be provided for.
    • Demonstrate virtue and purity that exceeds those who are merely following external commands. Be a person of your word.
    • All stumbling-blocks to righteousness must be removed from your life with extreme diligence.
    • Have a pure and blameless heart at all times, and you will be blessed, seeing God.
  5. TRUST
    • Do not be anxious about what hasn’t happened yet; let the future carry its own anxieties
    • Make peace; do peace, and you will be blessed, being recognized as a child of God.
    • Extend mercy and compassion to others and you will be blessed, receiving mercy in return.

Visit the 7 Principles link to see how each of these concepts can be expanded with their main ideas.

Visit the Kingdom Charter link to see the application of the Ten Commandments for believers today.

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