Introduction to the Core of the Bible podcast

As the introductory episode, I wanted to provide a little background on myself, my motivation for the podcast, and a brief overview of the Core of the Bible principles.

My name is Steve, and as a husband and father of four, I have been searching for a way to summarize and condense the main teachings of the Bible into a simple yet comprehensive unit for ease of teaching and for ease in recalling for everyday practice.

I am creating this podcast to provide further insights into the  seven principles which I am calling the Core of the Bible. These principles are, I believe, the main categories contained within the summarized teaching of Yeshua (Jesus) which has come to be known as the Sermon on the Mount: Kingdom, Integrity, Vigilance, Holiness, Trust, Forgiveness, and Compassion.

You’ll notice on this podcast that I also prefer to use the name Yeshua instead of Jesus. Jesus is the English version of the Greek name Iesous, which in itself is a version of the Hebrew name Yeshua. However, if we were to take the name Yeshua and bring it straight over into English, it would not be Jesus, but it would be Joshua. In Hebrew, a name is not only a personal identifier, but also carries the meaning behind the name. In this case, the name Yeshua means “salvation,” or “deliverance.” That name was given to him to demonstrate his purpose, and we should always keep the purpose that God has in mind. I am not dogmatic that everyone call him Yeshua; if you want to call him Jesus, that’s just fine. But this is some of my reasoning behind doing so.

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